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Bike Club Girl, a story by Lark Holt.


When Megan and Kelly’s truck breaks down in the middle of the desert highway, they find the men of the Conestoga Bike Club willing to help…for a price.

“Won’t you please help us?” asked Kelly. “We’ll make it worth your while.”

A couple of the men sniggered.

“Will you now?” said Steel, glancing over at Megan. “And you…will you make it worth our while too?”

Megan felt a shiver rush through her body because she didn’t think he was talking about money. Men like this bartered for other things: drugs, booze, women. Didn’t take an idiot to see which category she and Kelly fell in.

“I don’t know what you mean…” she said stiffly.

“I think you do,” he said, opening another beer and taking a long swig. “We have something you need…and you have something we want. Seems like a fair trade if you ask me.”

“What exactly do you want?” asked Kelly.

“A good fuck,” said Steel, but his eyes weren’t on Kelly—they were trained directly at Megan.

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Welcome to my website! I love erotica, whether it’s older Victorian stories or contemporary novels. What I don’t love is the amount of erotica e-published today that is poorly written and/or rife with typos. Don’t even get me started on the authors who expect you to pay several dollars for a few measly, ungrammatical pages.

I believe in giving you not only a hot read but one which also offers value for your money – which means longer, professionally-written stories that will make your mouth water (not to mention other parts of you!)

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